Sunday, November 11, 2012

Early Dinner w/ Skeletonwitch

skeletonwitch farm to artist
At a time when their is a lot of division amongst the people of the United States of America, when two men take the spotlight in a mud throwing charade that makes us all feel dirty and defeated, there is still music.  Skeletonwitch, from the much disputed state of Ohio, brings to all of their shows a sense of acceptance and positivity that is especially refreshing during election season.  Their songs are often dark, pursuing themes of brutality and violence, but the opportunity for amusement and escapism that they create leaves everyone who encounters them better off.  Plus they are five incredibly pleasant individuals who are able to leave their aggression on the stage and in the studio.
skeletonwitch farm to artist
Any day is worth celebrating but a day without rain this time of year in the Pacific Northwest is to be cherished.  The sun came out as we toured Wealth Underground making it difficult to motivate a transition inside for the meal and the podcast.  When we did go inside, an assortment of roasted vegetables, pasta, and a homemade tomato sauce was there to greet us.  

We met up again at Branx in Southeast Portland for their show with Havok and Mutilation Rites.  They played a ferocious set to a surprisingly large crowd for a Monday night.  If you missed Skeletonwitch this tour, you will no doubt have an opportunity to see them in the coming year, playing an array of new songs, as they are not going anywhere soon.

Thanks to Skeletonwitch for swinging by the farm on their latest tour.  Visit their website or Facebook page to hear songs or get information about upcoming shows.  

Also, on the podcast I promised a link to Happy the Hobo's obituary.  Here it is as well as his Facebook page.  RIP Happy the Hobo.

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