Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tacos w/ Torches

Other than cover crop seed, a handful more garlic, and maybe some winter hoophouse crops, nothing more is going to be planted in the field until springtime.  Our time is mostly spent harvesting as the season quiets and the cold puts most things to rest. 

In the midst of this seasonal transition Farm to Artist remains active, recently playing host to Torches from Los Angeles.  They brought up some sun with them on the van ride up from California, which was much appreciated.  We once again hypnotized a chicken, the same one from a few week prior.  It's probably the easiest one to catch now since the first time we hypnotized it we convinced it that it was a human.  Once we stopped harassing the chickens we went inside for a lunch, which consisted of farm fresh taco fixings.

After lunch Torches visited Sauvie Island on a recommendation and then headed into town for their show at the Rotture.  Their sometimes referred to as psychadelic but they more reminded me of the indie/emo bands I saw when I was in high school.  Their is an infectious youthful energy to their live shows that definitely played on my nostalgia.  Torches are both talented and creative and they have a lot of potential. 

To hear more from Torches you can visit their bandcamp page or check them out on Facebook.  Also, check out this video for their song "I Want Something" off of the album Heads Full of Rust:

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