Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brunch w/ Terrible Feelings

Terrible Feelings goat
 The months of December and January are perfect times to take stock.  You look back on the previous year, the celebrations and pitfalls, and you look toward the year to come.  In this part of the world, the harshness of the outside environment pushes one inside where, in the absence of much physical work, there is time to think.  It is also a time to have people over to share warmth and to revel in the midst of darkness.

Terrible Feelings visited Wealth Underground Farm during their recent US tour but, more importantly, it was also on the day of Andy's (drums) 30th birthday.  If you have ever wanted to hear someone being serenaded happy birthday in Swedish, be sure to listen to the podcast for you opportunity.  The conversation over fresh veggies generally revolved around the Swedish foursomes interaction with a number of beautiful (read: disgusting/insane) Americans as they drove past the amber waves of grain.

Terrible Feelings Wealth Underground Farm
After the brunch, in the evening, Terrible Feelings played a show at Blackwater Records.  I had only been into the shop area of Blackwater Records and didn't realize they had a large room/stage beyond all the vinyl.  Anton (guitar) jokingly described the sound as "dark power pop" and though they deserve to have punk somewhere in the description it was hard to pin down their sound exactly.  I'll describe the music as powerful, the songs are epic but without the frills of music that generally gets labeled epic.  Terrible Feelings is a band who you can see, not knowing any of their songs, and feel like you've known their music for your whole life.  Try not to fall in love when you see this band live.

Terrible Feelings Farm to Artist

You can hear the music of Terrible Feelings on their soundcloud page.  Check out their website for news or to see if they are playing any shows near you.

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