Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dinner w/ Brendon Small and Mike Keneally (AKA Eating Real Food w/ a Fake Band)

Dethklok Brendon Small Mike KeneallyI'm not going to write a flowery introduction: I had dinner with Dethklok.  Admittedly, the food wasn't prepared by a six star, dismembered then put back together then reanimated, chef (I cooked the meal and then humbly offered it to my guests) but I literally got to sit down with a band that doesn't literally exist.  If you don't believe me you can ask anyone in my family (who photobombed several of the pictures).

The conversation, as you can guess, was fascinating.  I picked Brendon's brain concerning the process of creating, developing, then inhabiting his characters.  My imagination was captured by a recent Radiolab that dealt with Mel Blanc and his cartoon voices and I thought it synchronistic that I would have the opportunity to eat dinner with someone who chats with and as cartoon characters on a regular basis.  In addition to talking about the show, Brendon and Mike speak to their experience as the "Metalocalypse Players" on tour and we have an obligatory conversation about food on the road.

After the dinner, my father and I headed into the show.  Brendon invited my whole family, which was a really sweet gesture, but my dad was the only one brave enough to take him up on the offer.  And I have to hand it to my dad, he seemed to enjoy himself even though several parts of the show were lewd enough to make me squeamish.  That said, the show is such a good time.  Not only do you get to hear the songs you enjoy from the show, but you are essentially treated to an hour long episode of Metalocalypse as the songs, with accompanying videos, are broken up by sketches featuring all of your favorite characters. 
Small Keneally Chris Seigel Dethklok

Thanks to Brendon and Mike for stopping by Wealth Underground Farm and participating in the Farm to Artist project.  You probably don't need my help to find info about Metalocalypse on the internet but for more information about Dethklok and the show you can visit their Adult Swim website.  While you are surfing around, go check out Mike Keneally at his website.  Check back soon for the podcast!