Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lunch w/ Darwin Deez

We are approaching the hungry gap at Wealth Underground Farm, the time of the year when what is in the field flowers or becomes woody and we must wait for new plants to grow.  We are furiously eating the collards, cabbage, garlic, and other vegetable remainders from last season.  Darwin Deez joined me at the farm in the middle of this frenzy, sharing in the abundance offered by this end of season.

We are getting hit with the final flood of Brussels sprouts at the moment so I roasted a lot of them as well as made a cream of roasted rutabaga soup.  We ate the meal and shared stories, which can be found here: Road Snacks Podcast.

Later that night, I biked down to the Doug Fir for the show.  I don't think I've ever seen a band having more fun playing music.  Everybody in the band was smiling for pretty much the entirety of their set, especially when they would perform their interlude choreographed dances.  At one point, Gregory excitedly ran off the stage to the sound booth.  I heard him say, "You said I could run the lights for this song!"  At the end of the dance, he just barely made it back to the stage to begin the next song.  You would have to hate fun to not have a good time at a Darwin Deez show.

Thanks to Darwin Deez for taking the time to visit Wealth Underground Farm for the Farm to Artist project.  Please check out their new album, Songs for Imaginative People.  Also, get caught in the whirlpool of Darwin Deez's wildly creative music videos (like the one below).

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