Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lunch w/ Torche

Andrew Torche goats Torche brought a party with them to Wealth Underground Farm when they joined me before their show at the Hawthorne Theatre.  I know that our goats are inclined to party so, as an experiment, I let them out of their pasture so they could follow us around the farm.  Of course, everybody in the Torche posse fell in love with the goats and I had to take a count when the band left to make sure none were missing.  It is probably the last time I'll let them free range like that, though, as they found my trellised hops and ate a fair amount of the lower leaves before I could grab them and return them to their fenced in area.

Inside, we ate a meal that included green garlic that was half eaten by gophers and lots and lots of salad as we were flush with large, beautiful heads of lettuce.  The conversation was quick and fun.  We talked about many things including Andrew's infamous bat urine story that recently vaulted Torche into national news.

Wealth Underground Farm Torche goatsI'd streamed the new album Harmonicraft (pronounced like harmonica, not harmony as I mistakenly pronounced it during the meal) a number of times but it was given a completely new meaning in the context of Torche's live show.  The band proved why they are one of the most relevant artists in heavy music, playing a dynamic and interesting set in a venue where the quality of sound tends to blend everything together (the instruments, the music, the crowd voices, the shirtless drunk guys, etc).  Not only is it fun music but the songs are high quality and the music is tight.

Chris Seigel Torche Farm to Artist

I want to thank Torche for a great meal and for being really sweet guests to the farm.  Go see them when they play in your city and make sure to pick up their newest album, Harmonicraft.  Also, check out some of the art of Santos, who illustrated Harmonicraft and who was with us for the lunch with Torche.

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  1. Awesome band, and an awesome podcast. What a delicious combination! Thanks!