Friday, May 11, 2012

Late Lunch w/ Screaming Females

Farm to Artist Screaming FemalesIf you are not feeling well, I highly recommend eating a meal full of fresh vegetables.  And when I say fresh vegetables I mean vegetables that are harvested and then immediately prepared and eaten.  You feel the energy of the sun coursing through you and are quickly revitalized.  Though only Marissa was sick upon arrival, the entire Screaming Females crew, featuring Marissa, Mike, Jarrett, and Eloy, seemed lifted after a fresh lunch at Wealth Underground Farm.

Marissa Paternoster Farm to ArtistFor lunch, we took the harvested brussel sprout raab and steamed it.  Along with the raab we ate a fresh salad featuring lettuce and arugula from the farm, hard boiled eggs, and roasted root vegetables.  Over lunch, Marissa became fast friends with a slug that was in her salad.

Goats Screaming FemalesThe show in Portland was at the Know, one of my favorite venues due to the 11 pm curfew.  When you go to a show at the Know you know you are going to have the option of getting a decent night's sleep.  Maybe it's because they were only balancing the outputs of three people, but they played one of the most balanced and clean sounding sets I've heard at the Know.  Every song had an energy that required some kind of release, there was a lot of foot stomping, air drumming, heads bobbing throughout the entire set.  At the end, when the clock struck eleven and the music stopped, the audience unenthusiastically cleared out of the venue after begging the band to play more songs.

Chris Seigel Screaming Females Farm

Thanks to Screaming Females for joining me at Wealth Underground Farm.  To hear more from them you can visit their website or their Facebook page.

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