Monday, April 23, 2012

Lunch w/ Gull

Gull Nathaniel Rappole Farm to ArtistGull showed up at Wealth Underground Farm after a snow flurry and before a flurry of other Farm to Artist bands.  Nathaniel Rappole, the everything man/creator of Gull, recently joined me at the farm for a really pleasant afternoon.  The visit was easy going and spending time with Nathaniel was like reconnecting with an old friend even though it was the first time we had met. 

Gull Nathaniel Rappole vegetable startsWe walked around the snow covered farm and then enjoyed lunch indoors.  We had a simple meal consisting of delicata squash, mustard greens, and roasted beets and rutabagas.  I tried going into the conversation with notes, a few questions to keep the conversation going, but they were not needed.  We talked about Nathaniels travels, the inspiration behind Gull, and projects he has coming up in the future.

Gull goats Nathaniel Rappole
That evening I travelled east of the Willamette to see Gull play at the Doug Fir.  Nathaniel went on relatively early, opening for White Rabbits.  Though the band consists of just one person there was a lot of movement and activity on stage and the songs were strong and filled out.  He was primarily behind the drum kit with a guitar strapped on and wearing the skull mask, which contains the microphone that picks up his vocals, but Nathaniel often times left the drums to play guitar or stand on his amplifier.  The set was energetic and I think that if you were to see him in a tiny basement, on the street, or in a stadium, that Nathaniel could fill out the space with a one of a kind performance.

Gull Chris Seigel ducks

Thanks to Nathaniel/Gull for a great afternoon and conversation.  To hear more from Gull, visit him on Facebook, at his website, or check out his music here.  Also, Nathaniel talks about a successful Kickstarter campaign for a project he's working on called Street Muse.  You can learn more about that project on the Kickstarter page.

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