Friday, March 30, 2012

Southern Cooking w/ Black Tusk

The van can be a confining place.  This is especially true when you are stuck in it for over 15 hours and you don't want to take off your shoes because you haven't changed your socks for days.  But Black Tusk is familiar with the wear and tear of life in the van and when they arrived at Wealth Underground Farm, yawning while spilling out of all the doors of the vehicle, they were ready to go.

Black Tusk farmOne of the best aspects of the Farm to Artist project, in my opinion, is the amount of contact there is between Nigerian dwarf goats and tattooed dudes wearing leather jackets.  We toured the farm, which included a long visit with the goats who seemed to energize the guys in Black Tusk, pulling them out of their road stupor.  When we left to go to lunch, Pippie and Thelonious let out bleats of desperation, wanting to spend more time with the band.  A couple members of Black Tusk obliged them, walking back over to the fence and petting them/taking pictures.

Inside a freshly prepared meal was waiting for us.  The meal had a southern twist, consisting of braised mustard greens with bacon, garlic mashed rutabaga and potatoes, a simple egg scramble, and a bread/salami/cheese plate.  This is a good time to send a shout out to my parents who were visiting me from Indiana and who helped prepare the meal.

The conversation was quick as the band was heading into town to hang out with some of the guys in Red Fang before they had to get to the venue.  We jumped around, talking about their tour, the coming together of the band, as well as the upcoming Orion Music Festival curated by Metallica.  The climax of the meal was the conversation about southern food where, for a moment, everyone at the table was weighing in on their favorite dish/vegetable and how to prepare it.

Black Tusk farm

I want to thank Black Tusk for making the epic drive up from San Francisco and joining me for a meal at the farm.  Be sure to check out their newest album Set The Dial.  You can find updates and hear music by Black Tusk at their Facebook page.

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