Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Lunch w/ Red Fang

Aaron Beam Red Fang goat
When they left, there were not mountainous piles of beer cans lying around.  That was mostly because Red Fang (well, 3/4 of Red Fang) was distracted by the small army of Wealth Underground dwarf goats that attacked them upon arrival.  No amount of resistance could stop the tiny, mud-crusted hoof massacre.
Red Fang farm to artistOnce we pushed the goats off of us (the first time), we cruised around the farm and through the field of vegetables, which is now pretty desolate.  Regardless, we were still able to taste some mustard greens that had sweetened from the recent cold spell we've experienced in Portland.  The rain that fell the night before broke the cold, so it was mildly cool out.  That said, we quickly moved the party into the house where a fire was burning in the stove and hot food waited for us on the counter.
We started the meal with a green tomato and onion pickle plate and chips and husk cherry salsa.  The last of the field husk cherries were spread out on the bed like squashed corpses so we didn't get to try any on the tour.  The husk cherry salsa was a decent substitute, though nothing like popping a fresh version out of the husk and into your mouth.  We sat down to a creamy delicata squash soup, roasted root vegetables (rutabaga, beets, parsnips), and some baked squash.  The beer on hand was the Brrr winter seasonal from Widmer.
We talked for a while about the recent tour with Mastodon, meeting and working with Brian Posehn, great things about being home, and then passionately discussed the best places to eat in Portland.  If you are looking for a new spot for some prime eats or want a recommendation for pho then I highly recommend listening to the podcast.

Red Fang Farm to Artist goats

I want to thank Red Fang for joining me at the farm and participating in the project.  I also want to thank the guys for allowing me to test my new video camera on them.  You can see a short trailer for the upcoming podcast on Facebook, iTunes, or on the blog (coming soon!).

For more info or to hear some music by Red Fang you can check their website or visit them over at Relapse.  Do yourself a favor and check out their newest album Murder the Mountains, watch their video for Wires, and go see their raucous live performance when they come to a venue near you.  

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