Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Godammit, I'm fine: An Early Dinner w/ Helms Alee

Helms Alee tomatoes farm to artist

Despite the sun's seasonal fickleness, Helms Alee joined me at the Wealth Underground Farm on an especially bright and beautiful day.  We lingered in the garden for a while, tasting our way through the rows of vegetables.  We could only stay in the hoophouse long enough to harvest the tomatoes for lunch due to the heat from the sunlight.  In the Pacific Northwest, it is a privilege to be that hot this time of year, a fact Helms Alee understands hailing from Seattle and Tacoma, WA.

Inside the house, we sliced the tomatoes and added some salt and vinegar to make a quick salad.  Along with the salad, we had gluten-free pasta with a buttery rutabaga/chanterelle mushroom dish and corn bread.  Throughout the meal, we snacked on dehydrated tomatoes and husk cherries, which were a hit in the garden tour.  Everybody also sampled a cherry ale I brewed this summer using cherries harvested from Sauvie Island.  The beer received a mixed response, which is understandable as the flavor from the natural yeast of the cherries is a bit overwhelming.

During the recorded conversation we talked about bike-by knivings, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and dodging thunderstorms, home slaughter, and gardening.  After the dinner, we went outside to enjoy the last of the daylight.

The Portland show at the Rotture was the second to last show of their West Coast tour with Narrows and they played second to last.  They effectively fit an entire tour into seven days and were definitely feeling some fatigue before taking the stage.  I was also extremely tired and had harvest the following morning, so I almost cut out before they performed.  I'm glad I stayed because they're set was energizing and lots of fun.  The diversity of sound throughout the music kept me, and all the other Tuesday late night ragers, engaged up until Hozoji's screams that ended the set.

Helms Alee Farm to Artist

Check out Helms Alee at their Myspace page or at their Hydra Head Records page, where you can purchase their newest album, Weatherhead.

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